Why Are We Different?

Today’s online searchers are looking for Help not Hype. NRV understands the difference and creates the content your ideal clients Want and Need to know

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Much more than Video Production NRV Legal is a Video Content Marketing Company for attorneys and law firms

The quick answer is that we have a unique insight and experience gained from over five years as the country’s only provider of a complete turnkey video content marketing solution for attorneys.

products-template-turnkey-finalOur involvement spans over 4000 videos with programs designed in conjunction with practicing attorneys who have been using these video marketing techniques since the early days of YouTube.

NRV Legal is a Video Marketing Company for attorneys and law firms. In fact what many consider “Video Production” is just one facet of what we provide. Of course we use many of the same production techniques and the equipment required to acquire professional video but the similarities end there.

We have created and refined a unique turnkey approach that features aspects of consultation, evaluation, education and on-camera direction that ultimately results in the creation of a video content marketing strategy for your firm that is both scalable and repeatable.

Fact is most production companies only understand the all too common “me too approach” to attorney marketing that is used constantly on television and in traditional video presentations featuring scripted soundbites and documentary style interviews. Content where the attorney talks about his or her experience and how hard they will fight to win your case.

NRV takes a different approach… we only create the kind of content your viewers truly need to know not what you want them to know. There’s a big difference and understanding that difference is what sets us apart.

Video Content Marketing is much more than creating a few videos and putting them on a website and YouTube. We understand that in order to be effective today you must not only create the right kind of video but it must be optimized to increase its effectiveness and then by working closely with our client’s web & SEO providers to consistently publish and distribute this video content over an extended period of time.

Our goal is to provide that engages potential clients and serves as a powerful tool, its ongoing production and publication functioning seamlessly as an extension of your firm’s online marketing.