What is Video Content Marketing for Attorneys?

The way clients search for an attorney has changed… Your Ideal Clients Now Expect Video

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To be successful, today’s Legal Professionals must provide Video designed for a Search-dominated World

Video Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent video content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience with the ultimate goal of driving a profitable action.

about-us-slider-2According to Forrester Research over 79% of marketers report they are shifting resources to offer branded content to their audience.

The facts are undeniable…The methods clients are using to research, evaluate and ultimately decide which attorney to hire have changed. While referrals still reign supreme the legal profession has largely been late to adopt content marketing techniques as a way to attract new clients.

Providing quality relevant content that is released consistently over time is the key to success online. Whether it’s a getting your site ranked higher in search, increasing the time visitors spend on your website or simply promoting your firm to a wider audience using social media, Content is King… and video has now become the delivery method of choice.

While the majority of law firms have scratched the surface of Content Marketing by posting blogs, few have embraced blogging on a regular basis and even fewer have embraced the concept of creating and distributing branded video content targeted at those searching for useful information on often complicated and confusing legal topics.

about-us-slider-9Because of this, forward-thinking legal professionals who understand and put these techniques into practice have a great opportunity to stand out and generate cases by using content to satisfy the wants needs and desires of their ideal clients who are searching for answers and information online.

Firms that understand and use Content marketing and Video Content marketing in particular now in essence function as their own media platform. No longer dependent on having to rely on traditional media and its ever shrinking influence.