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Turnkey – Affordable – Effective Video Marketing Programs designed specifically for lawyers and law firms

New Relevant Video Content Marketing Programs have been designed and perfected to enable your law firm to quickly and easily launch a professional, branded online video presence, leaving you free to do what you do best… Practice law!

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Each program follows a three-step process:

Step One: Planning…

video-content-planning-2During this phase we set up an in-person or telephone Video Content Strategy Session with you (and in many cases your SEO/Website provider) to formulate the unique, unscripted, educational and engaging video content your ideal clients are searching for.

This Consultation results in the creation and submission of a customized Video Content Marketing Strategy.

We then gather all the pertinent information required to produce and publish your videos while simultaneously handling all of the pre-production preparation that is necessary to ensure a smooth and productive video shoot. This includes working closely to prepare you by sharing the knowledge you need to make your shoot a success.

A process built around a proven format as well as strategies, tips and techniques that have been used by other attorneys and law firms to create compelling content that calls their ideal clients to action.

Step Two: Production

about-us-slider-2Here we go “on location” travelling to your firm to shoot your videos.

Not only do we provide all the technical aspects required to craft professional video content, but we work closely with you and any other attorneys or staff that will appear in front of the camera.

Having worked with lawyers from all across the country, we have developed a unique process to make you feel comfortable and to get you “in the groove” in no time. Our goal is to make creating engaging, searcher-centric video content a pleasant experience that you will look forward to continuing for years.

Once your video clips are shot we begin the post production process. Here are experienced staff carefully and professionally edits the video files acquired during your video shoot. This process ensures that only the best of what was shot is used. We then add animated, branded graphics and music to effectively enhance the content ensuring the best possible experience for the viewer.

Step Three: Publication

video-galleryPublication occurs each month over a 6 or 12 month term

Even the best planned and produced videos are not completely effective until they have been properly optimized and published consistently over time.

With this in mind for each video topic we create:

  • A corresponding written a blog post adaptation of each video.
    • This additional written content should be published along with the video on your firms existing blog page.
  • A human generated written transcript
  • A keyword rich written description of each video
    • This should accompany each publication to YouTube and social media
  • Custom keywords and tags for each video clip
  • Two different versions of each video
    • Version 1 includes annotated graphic support for YouTube and any other video player that supports this functionality.
    • Version 2 without annotated graphics for publication on players and websites that do not support this function.

    We then publish each video to YouTube, optimizing each clip including creating playlists designed to support our custom annotations

    We also package and provide all the metadata, text and Video assets we have created for you and your SEO or web providers so that they may be published to your website, blog and all social media properties your firm is currently utilizing.

How To Use Our Videos: